The Scheme Of
ICSE Examination

Jnanodaya Central School, Chengal, Kalady inaugurated on 2005, is managed by congregation of the Mother of Carmel (CMC). It is a Christian Minority School with all the privileges that accure from such status.

The ICSE examination is held in March every year for the Standard X students.

  1. English - Two papers of Two Hour each.
    Paper I (English) - Only general language questions such as essay, letter writing and comprehension are asked.
    Paper II (English) - Questions from the prescribed text books.
  2. Second language (Malayalam) - One paper of three hours
  3. Civil, History & Geography - Two paper of two hours each
    Paper I - Civics & History
    Paper II - Geography
  4. Mathematics - One paper of Two and a half hours
  5. Science - Three papers of two hours each.
  6. Computer
    Part I - One written paper of Two hours on the syllabus
    Part II - Practical or project work

In addition to the above subjects, candidates of the ICSE examination will have to complete satisfactorily course in

  1. A third language (Hindi) from class UKG to VII
  2. Art
  3. S U P W and community service
  4. Physical Education
  5. Education in moral and spiritual values
  6. General knowledge

There will be only internal examination or internal assessment for the above subjects. But a pass in S U P W and community service is compulsory for the pass in the ICSE examination. The grade obtained in this will be recorded in the ICSE certificate.