Jnanodaya Central School

Jnanodaya Central School, Chengal, Kalady inaugurated on 2005, is managed by congregation of the Mother of Carmel (CMC). It is a Christian Minority School with all the privileges that accure from such status.


There are different types of clubs functioning in our school. The activities of these clubs help in attaining the total development of pupils ie. growth of body, mind and soul.

  1. Language Club
  2. Nature Club
  3. Mathematics Club
  4. Social Science Club
  5. Sports Club
  6. Spiritual Club
  7. Arts Club

This is a competitive era. So to make our children competent in every field, they are divided into four houses. ie. Gandhi house, Nehru house, Patel house and Tagore house. Each house has a Captain and Vice Captain. House mistress are there to help and guide them. Groupwise competitions are conducted to make them feel the spirit of working together. Result of all such competitions will be recorded and the house getting maximum points will be given a trophy.